Tenantcube Raises $250,000 in Pre-seed Funding From Strategic Investors

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $250,000 in a pre-seed round of funding concluded recently. 

Right from the start, our mission at Tenantcube has been to help landlords, both big and small, manage their properties with confidence. We didn’t want our software to serve only users with over 100 properties in their portfolio, like most of the cloud-based property management tools available today. Today, we’re glad to see our efforts paying off. There’s no bigger recognition than having your own customers willing to invest in you, and to grow along with you. 

In this round, we have strategically raised funds from angel investors in Canada who are landlords and property managers. These investors manage around 15,000 units/doors between them, which will be gradually added to the Tenantcube platform. These include names like Archana Priyadharshini of PointOne Capital, Rob K. Dawson of Vensuris Group of Companies, Terrance McArthur of McArthur Capital, and Ashish Sharma of Innoven Capital. Some existing investors include Girish Mathrubootham of Freshworks and Arvind Parthiban of SuperOps.ai, who are huge players in the Indian VC ecosystem. Girish has also been a mentor of mine for a long time, and I am thankful for everything I’ve learned about entrepreneurship from him.

Mihir Jha, Managing Partner at PointOne Capital, one of Tenantcube’s earliest investors, had this to say about us, “Proptech is booming at the moment, as the industry has woken up to the possibilities of technology in residential real estate. The team at Tenantcube is led by ex-Freshworks and ex-Zoho executives, and are young and enthusiastic. They have built an impressive product in a very short period of time, and we’re proud to be backing them.” Thank you, Mihir – we’re proud to be associated with PointOne Capital too. 

The beta version of our platform has seen incredibly positive feedback from users – users who cannot wait to see what feature we release next. Our customers’ enthusiasm fuels us, and we’re planning to expand our sales and service coordination teams to help more customers manage their properties healthily. 

Tenantcube is a company with teams in two different countries with widely-spaced time zones. We built a modern and insightful software platform through a pandemic, meeting everyday but never face-to-face. Our growth in the face of several odds has been empowering, and we’re excited for the future. The reason we are able to give our best is because of the shared passion we have for helping people grow their businesses independently. That has, and will always keep us going. 

Credits: https://tenantcube.com/blog/tenantcube-preseed-funding

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