PointOne Capital is a VC fund investing into pre-seed and seed stage tech startups. We have invested into 60+ startups, are traction agnostic, and prefer partnering with exciting businesses as early as possible with no revenue or product milestone benchmarks. We can lead or co-invest with an average cheque size of $100k.

Investment stage

Prefer investing in first equity funding rounds of startups – Angel round, Micro VC round or even Friends & Family round

Target sectors

Agnostic with a preference for tech-first category-creating ventures targeting large whitespaces

Ticket size

Lead or co-invest with an average cheque size of $100k

Next rounds

  • Through our close network of pre-series A/Series A VCs

Growth hacks

  • Through a dedicated in-house Growth Partner.

Customer connects

  • Through the network of Venture Partners & Partners


  • Inputs in line with a venture-backed business life cycle.


Mihir Jha

Founding Partner

Ravish Ratnam

Founding Partner


We understand the value of mentorship at the formative stages of a startup. We act as a key element of support to the investee companies post-investment and actively work with the startup on:


Product roadmap & vision, aimed towards figuring our core product-market fit

Discovering the most scalable & optimum go-to-market strategies for the venture

Figuring out growth hacks. Creating a scalable, lean organizational structure


Enabling investment readiness for incoming rounds


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May 4, 2023

Poshn on track to cross $1Bn revenue this fiscal

Poshn(poshn.co) said it expects its annual recurring revenue to cross...

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May 4, 2023

Spacetech start-up InspeCity raises $1.5Mn Seed round

Nearly three weeks after the announcement of the Indian Space...

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May 4, 2023

Blockfenders raises $1.5Mn Seed round

Data sharing in businesses is broken and current mechanisms are...

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Talent Partner